Featured in Wiring Harness News, Cable Connections Set for Growth

Recently spotlighted in Wiring Harness News, Melvin Lancaster of Cable Connections sat down with news writer Fred Noer to discuss the company’s notable achievements and vision for growth over the coming years.

Lancaster, CEO, has high hopes for the Lilburn-based wiring harness and cable assembly company. Breeding steady, long-term, controlled growth within a company that focuses value on employees and customers has bolstered its success and expansion over the past two decades. Off-shore manufacturing, a boost for inside sales and focus on company acquisitions are all projections for coming years.

Even through the recent economic rough patches, Cable Connections has remained strong, never having been forced into a lay-off situation. Much pride is taken in the company’s employees – most of the team has been there an average of 13 years – and Lancaster is certain his staff, their commitment and the wealth of knowledge they provide for the customers are all key components to the company’s success.

Lancaster tells Wiring Harness News, “We’re serious about growing…We stay abreast of technology and are involved in exciting applications…A problem is only the next challenge.” With an innovative, forward-looking outlook, Cable Connections is poised to expand and not only continue meeting the needs of its 250 active customers, but seek opportunities to serve new clients, as well.

Cable Connections is a leading cable assembly and wiring harness manufacturing company that has strived to set industry standards since 1988. They have manufactured millions of assemblies for a wide variety of markets including communications, robotics, industrial equipment, gaming, transportation, computer, utility, automation, power management, aerospace, military, marine and environmental.