To meet the exacting infrastructure demands of the various communications industries, Cable Connections provides state-of-the-art cable assemblies and wire harnesses specifically designed to the specifications of these companies. From data transfer, from power cabling to RF, we serve these by providing top grade cabling and connections.

In a very tangible way, cable and wiring assemblies are the lifeblood of millions of communication applications. These cable and wire applications are applied to incredibly complex configurations in millions of functions requiring a high level of construction knowledge and expertise by our highly skilled employees. Failure of any communication equipment can be costly therefore it is imperative the wiring assemblies be built to high standards.


Cable Connections has both the knowledge and expertise to meet the intensive demands of communications industries. We perform custom manufacturing and discrete wire application of each and every cable assembly to the client’s exact specifications, put the products through extensive testing and present a prototype of each part to the client for examination and approval before full production begins. We also design and build custom wire harnesses that can be easily installed into the customer’s framework, thereby simplifying an otherwise incredibly complex installation process.

With our years of proven experience, our exacting standards of excellence and an expert team of professionals who are dedicated to customer satisfaction, it’s little wonder that communications companies across the globe rely on Cable Connections to meet their custom cabling needs. For more information on how we can help your business, contact us today at 800-233-1603.