For many years, Cable Connections has satisfied the complex wiring needs of the computing industry with top-quality cable assemblies and wire harnesses built to the customer’s most exacting standards. From facility infrastructure to the wiring within sensitive equipment, we have the expertise and resources to assemble reliable wiring solutions for communications, data transfer, power distribution and more.

Needless to say, connections are an integral part of the field of computing. Smart devices are a way of life today and many OEM’s must have the best wire and cable assemblies to support these devices in what every equipment is manufactured. Cable Connections provides the best top quality product available to meet those needs. From data transfer to electro-mechanical applications to power distribution, it is absolutely critical that the wiring meets or exceeds industry standards and is correctly configured in order to prevent system failures and expensive downtime.


Cable Connections specializes in meeting the needs of our clients in computing by building top quality cable assemblies and wire harnesses to ensure proper connectivity. We can integrate USB, ribbon cabling, ferrite bead assemblies, micro-miniature connectors and much more into intricate configurations that are quality tested to work the first time. We build to our customer’s exact specifications and schematics; we submit the first piece for customer approval before production begins; and we certify our quality assurance process by documenting each step in writing.

With years of experience, a stellar team of technicians and a proven process, it’s little wonder that so many clients within the computing industry rely on Cable Connections to meet their most demanding cabling needs. To learn more or obtain a quote, contact us today at 800-233-1603.