There are few fields whose cabling needs are more exacting or more critical than those of the medical community. Our highly skilled experts use only top-grade materials to design and build customized cable solutions designed to our clients’ exact specifications, and all components are put through rigorous testing to ensure they are built and configured correctly the first time.

From basic electronics and communications to intricate data cabling, the medical community requires some incredibly complex wiring configurations. Medical equipment must be built with the thought that if the equipment fails someone could die. It is imperative that wiring and cable assemblies MUST be built to the highest quality possible to insure no failure can occur. With our customers building FDA approved product, Cable Connections must also build to the same standards to insure those quality levels are met.


Cable Connections has a reputation for meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients in the medical professions. We work very closely with our customers to determine their cabling needs and assist in the design process and build custom assemblies and wire harnesses to our client’s exact specifications. To ensure maximum quality, the first piece of each wire and component is subject to client approval before full manufacturing begins, and each part goes through extensive testing before leaving our facility. The end product is a cabling configuration that protects both equipment and lives through proper functionality and maximum quality.

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