Given the plethora of wiring connections and intricate configurations involved in robotics, it’s little wonder that many robotics companies turn to Cable Connections to serve their cabling needs. From top-quality cable assemblies to complex wire harnesses, our highly skilled technicians manufacture and configure customized wiring for the most complex applications, fulfilling each order with a level of accuracy and quality assurance that is second to none in our industry.

In the field of robotics, wiring components are perhaps the most important factor in success. Underneath the hardware and mechanisms required for movement, there is typically an incredibly complex network of cabling that provides power, data and communications signals to ensure correct operation, both within the controls and infrastructure and within the robotic components themselves. These functions require not only the highest quality components, but also the highest degree of technological skill to configure the components correctly.


With our diverse manufacturing capabilities, proven process and stellar team of experts, Cable Connections consistently meets and exceeds the expectations of our clients in the robotics industries. We manufacture each wire and component to the customer’s exact specifications, allowing the client to inspect and approve the first instance of every part before full production begins. Additionally, every part, every assembly and every wire harness undergoes rigorous testing and inspection at each phase of production to ensure the highest levels of quality, with the entire process certified in writing for the customer to inspect.

At Cable Connections, we have the resources and skills to produce and configure quality wiring for the most demanding applications, including those of the robotics industry. For more information or to obtain a quote, call us today at 800-233-1603.