The cabling needs of the transportation industry are wide and varied, and Cable Connections has the expertise and experience to meet them all. We provide customized cable assemblies and wire harnesses manufactured and quality tested to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations every time.

Just as the transportation industry itself is all about connecting people and products between places, each transportation network relies on a complex array of connections in order to function. Electronic configurations must be precise and durable, while communications and data must be clear and reliable. Cable assemblies are manufactured for multiple OEM products from high to low technology applications.. This connectivity calls for a wide variety of high-quality cables and wires in extremely intricate configurations, requiring a high level of knowledge and expertise to get it right.


At Cable Connections, we specialize in meeting the complicated wiring needs of our clients in transportation, manufacturing custom cable assemblies and complex wire harnesses to the customer’s precise specifications. Before mass production begins, we build a single instance of each piece so the customer can inspect and approve it, ensuring that we get it right the first time. Additionally, every product goes through a rigorous battery of tests and inspections before delivery. The end result is a durable, reliable cabling system that perfectly matches the need every time.

From trucking companies to public transportation to airlines, Cable Connections offers the expertise and proven experience to create quality cabling solutions for every networking need. To learn more, call us today at 800-233-1603.